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"Where thinking just might become a prerequisite"

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StrangeMUD is a text-based multi-user real-time virtual dungeons and dragons type game (MUD). The game has been running continuously since 1994. It is one of the longest running MUDs out there! StrangeMUD had just celebrated it's 20th anniversary!

Running a heavily modified CircleMUD 2.2 engine, it is anything but a MUD out of a box. A plethora of insightful coders and creative builders have, over the years, transformed it into a relaxed place online that many players call home.

StrangeMUD offers 10 basic class: Warrior, Cleric, Thief, Mage, Paladin, Brigand, Lich, Sage, Conjurer, & Evangelist. Each primary class has a choice of two specialized class. Both multiplay and object sharing between characters are legal. Player killing(PK) is optional above level 25 and clan membership is a popular way to make a name for oneself. With over 80 open zones available, advancing in the mortal ranks takes players through many unique areas as well as old favorites.

The most important asset to StrangeMUD is its players. From any gods to helpful mortals, this MUD has something for everyone. It is based on that which makes the world go around -- FUN.

Thanks for visiting! Join us at telnet strangemud.net 9332