So you want to build an area? Sure! Go knock yourself out!

No, I'm not kidding. Anyone may build an area for StrangeMUD. Prior building experience with StrangeMUD, or any mud, is not necessary, nor is any programming skill required. It is, however, helpful if you have some familiarity with StrangeMUD and its existing areas.

Areas on StrangeMUD (unlike some other MUDs) are not restricted by theme. You may choose to write a medieval-themed area, or you may choose to model it after a modern city. You may base it on a favorite book, movie, or legend, or you may simply make it up as you go along. Any reasonably creative content is eligible for implementation. Of course, any discriminatory or harassing content will not be accepted. Please use common sense, and if you are in doubt, ask an immortal.

The only requirement for area creation is a good idea. Helpful tools include a computer with a text editor (such as DOS edit or Notepad/WordPad for Windows). You may also use a text editor in an ISP shell account, such as Pico for Unix/Linux.

While it is not necessary to notify us of your intent, doing so will let you know if an area of your theme has already been implemented or is under construction. The best contact would be Seita, head of building.

Many of our immortals have building experience, and will gladly answer any questions they can. In addition, the builder's documents (CircleMUD builder's docs revised to apply specifically to StrangeMUD) are freely available in this section.