List of Areas

  1. Sesame Street
    For those whom just started their adventure, Sesame Street is the perfect place for them to get the hang of things.

    Difficulty - Easy
    Creator - Roadkill
  2. Shortsand Desert
    A small patch of desert west of Thalos.

    Difficulty - Medium to Slightly Difficult
    Creator - Gen
  3. Sylvan Village
    Home of the wood elves, and their patron saint, Artemis.

    Difficulty - Medium
    Creator - Storm
  4. Temple of Tantilla
    A temple inside the jungles of Tantilla. It is said that the inside of the temple is a neural network.

    Difficulty - Deadly to Deadlier
    Creator - Iggy
  5. Thalos
    A small desert town that was attacked by the Mighty Beholder.

    Difficulty - Deadly to Impossible
    Creator - Diku-Origional (Updated by Spork)
  6. The Hills of Darkness
    The stronghold of Orcs.

    Difficulty - Medium to Difficult
    Creator - Maynard
  7. The Monastery
    A monastery hidden deep inside the jungle. It announces its presence with the ringing of its belt at certain time of the day.

    Difficulty - Medium to Deadlier
    Creator - Iggy
  8. Theoria
    A Kingdom hidden inside the labyrinth. It was a once-thriving community with its famous twin castles, Iserlon and Geiersberg. After a devistating war decades ago, it is currently being rebuilt.

    Difficulty - Easy to Impossible
    Creator - Seita
  9. The Ruins of G'harne
    The religious city of G'harne now lays in ruins.

    Difficulty - Difficult to Deadly
    Creator - Roadkill
  10. The Towers
    Standing just outside the hedge maze are the tower of Good, Neutral and Evil. Those who managed to reach the top of the towers can worship the corresponding gods to have their align reset.

    Difficulty - Medium to Deadlier
    Creator - Quint