List of Areas

  1. The Wamphyri Aerie
    An immense Aerie housing the Wamphyri.

    Difficulty - Deadly to Deadlier
    Creator - Thibor
  2. Trionyx Mountain
    A giant volcano in Farancia. It is said that a lost village of lava beings is nested inside the mountain.

    Difficulty - Medium to Impossible
    Creator - Iggy
  3. Vampiric Temple
    A massive temple made of white marble. Home of the vampires.

    Difficulty - Difficult to Deadly
    Creator - Arma (Updated by Seita)
  4. Vice Island
    It is rumored that a cult worshiping Hades reside on this island.

    Difficulty - Medium to Deadly
    Creator - Questor
  5. Wasteland
    A barren stretch of lifeless land.

    Difficulty - Medium to Deadly
    Creator - Roadkill
  6. Yellow Kingdom
    An abadoned kingdom of a once powerful domain in the south.

    Difficulty - Medium to Deadlier
    Creator - Roadkill