The News

Last updated on 05/25/2016

  1. Behold! A lost city in the desert has seen some strange visitors. Enter at your own risk. Posted on 05/25/2016
  2. Not me, but you will. But first you have to find this burial site somewhere in the lost wood. Hope you don't lose your ENTIRE SET of eq......... Posted on 05/25/2016
  3. Witches might notice themselves getting a better lot in life. Burn, baby, BURN! Posted on 05/25/2016
  4. Ruffians are now able to better defend their brigandry! Posted on 05/25/2016
  5. Assassins can now stab ANYbody, ANYwhere, ANYtime! Posted on 05/25/2016
  6. Swordsmen have long had a terrible naughty love of their shields. This perverse act has been punished and corrected, but MORE STABBY! MORE STABBY! Posted on 05/25/2016
  7. A lot of things about mana regeneration and healing have been updated. Like a good politician, I promise that this won't hurt the middle class, will help the poor, and will motivate the rich, all while balancing the economy Posted on 05/25/2016
  8. The following items had been added! A platemail, a plated skirt, a pair of black framed glasses, a cloak of black aura. Posted on 05/25/2016
  9. The following items had been modified! A jewelled collar, a gemstone necklace, a splint mail vest, a pair of splint mail sleeves, a splint mail skirt, a cloak of sylvan design, a white pinafore, a birthday suit, the horns of a gargoyle, an egg-shapped ring, an amulet, a robe of leisure. Posted on 05/25/2016
  10. The following items had been modified! A bright flaming stone, a glowing suit of banded mail, a blue denim cap, a pair of black pants, a pair of winged sandals, a set of orcish war gauntlets, a Moorish bracer, a pair of Moorish bracers, the dice, the eyepatch, a pair of muddy gauntlets, a pair of muddy boots, a glinting silver ring, the koala's collar. Posted on 05/25/2016