The News

Last updated on 05/25/2016

  1. The following items had been added to the mud! A brass ring, an amulet of fangs, a pair of drow's armbands, a copper plate, a pair of bat wings, a brown leather belt, a metal shackle, a handkerchief, a rigged white cloth, a pair of soaking wet pants, a white wristband, a shadow of morkoth, a fur coat, a red silk sash, a dark blue hood, a pair of orcish battle boots. Posted on 05/25/2016
  2. The current project is to inject a bunch of newbie and mid-lvl eqs into the mud. Keep looking out for them! Posted on 05/25/2016
  3. Certain Q-Items enjoyed a small buff. It should make them a bit more useful now. Posted on 05/25/2016
  4. Certain items in the area under some stinky place had gotten a SMAAAAAALLLLL boost. If you happen to have these items and don't see anything different, go get the newer version yourself :P Posted on 05/25/2016
  5. A new area is floating around. Hope those white silk dresses are washable! Posted on 05/25/2016
  6. Get hope....You don't see a hope here. You will find the same in the Prison of Hope somewhere in the woods. Posted on 05/25/2016
  7. Cripple will now switch your default melee target to your crippled target. Posted on 05/25/2016
  8. Supernova enjoyed a small rework, it is now slightly more powerful than before. Also, a new spell NOVA BLAST had been added to Sorceror's list of spells, and they also regain the spell Meteor Blast. Oracles gain a new spell STORM BLAST. Posted on 05/25/2016
  9. The dock of the long destoried castle had been fixed. Go explore at your OWN RISK!! MUHAHAHAHAHaHAHAHHAhahaa.. Posted on 05/25/2016
  10. The hideout for the Chaos Worshipers has been found, just not by you! Bring bug spray, I heard they like spiders.. Posted on 05/25/2016